On October 12, 2015, Ricky Reinhardt was the first participant in Grantie Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers "Dream for a Day" program.  The program takes a wish or dream of a resident's and the facility makes it possible for them to live that dream.  "We try to come as close as possible to making that dream a reality for the day" stated Julie Martin, Executive Director.  "Seeing the joy it brings to them is so heartwarming."

Ricky Reinhardts biggest wish, which he spoke of often was to be a fireman.  Representatives of the faciltiy contacted the Granite City Fire Department and arranged for Ricky, his parents and fellow resident, Larry Kynion, to visit the station, and become honorary fireman.  Mr. Kynion is from the local area and speaks often about the local emergency departments.  Alice Hulvey, Social Service Assistant, stated "We knew Larry would enjoy the opportunity also and Ricky welcomed him to share in the experience." Other Granite Nursing and Rehabilitation Center employees accompanying the gentleman were Julie Martin, Executive Director, Thelma Isreal, Activity Director and Barbie Colp, Business Office Assistant. 

Both gentleman received a Certificate of Honorary Fireman.  Rickey was all smiles as he listened and watched the ladder truck raise the ladder high into the air and the fireman climbed up.  One of his favorite things was spraying the firehose. 

Granite Nursing and Rehabilitation Center would like to thank the fireman of Granite City Fire Station #1 for making this day possible for the two gentlemen. 


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